Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hello Fellow UNIQLO :p

What's up??
I hope you all are fine, cause the weather is crazy like a roller coaster! One time it's raining,then suddenly it's sunny out there.. Please take care, ok?

Last friday (November 29th), I was invited to come to UNIQLO Second Store Grand Opening at Mall Taman Anggrek.. The event started from 9am untill 10.30am (the ceremony) and the rest of it was SHOPPING!

The thing that I love the most from Uniqlo is the Price.. They offer not-so-expensive stuff but still get their best quality of products.. And of course because of the event, UNIQLO offers you special prices for selected items starting from IDR 49.000,- (more info click HERE)
The place here at Mall Taman Anggrek is very comfortable.. The crews were being so polite, nice and very kind to all customers..

here they are some pictures that I've taken from the event....
(PS : read more to find out how to get the UNIQLO bag for FREE)

TV Production's Lecture assigment (The Music Video)

Hello Fellows :))

Been a long time, right..

There are so many assignments that I should do recently..

One of em is this one.. Maybe some of you have already red my post about Behind The Scene of it from HERE, but for those who haven't,let me tell you a lil bit.. Jadi tugas Produksi TV ini dikerjain secara kelompok untuk membuat Music Video lipsync dari lagu yamg sudah ada sebelumnya..Tempat pembuatannya juga di kampus (mini studio)..
Alhamdulillah, berkat kerja sama team yg cukup kompak, hasil Music Video ini gak mengecewakan ^^

Mau liat kaya gimana Video tugas kelompok ini? Klik read more ya!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

berawal dari Toko Bangunan dan sebuah keinginan...

Hello Fellows...

Apa kabar?

Jadi ceritanya gini, dari dulu gue pengen banget punya kalung dengan tulisan inisial nama (which is R) tapi entah kenapa sampe sekarang gak pernah nemu... Entah itu yang ada bukan huruf R, kalungnya terlalu heboh, dan alesan lainnya (termasuk keuangan lol) yang ngebuat sampe detik ini gue belum punya kalung dengan huruf inisial...

Kalung yang gue maksud ini bukan kalung dengan liontin kecil berhurufkan R loh ya, tapi semacem kalung hip-hop bling bling (which was a must-have-item around 2000) yang biasanya dengan tulisan $ (money)..

Sampe akhirnya keinginan masa lalu untuk punya kalung inisial R ini muncul dan bangkit kembali pada saat gue ikut keluarga sepupu ke Toko Bangunan... Yep... Jangan kaget dan heran... Kalung yang gue buat bukan berbahan dasar semen, batu bata, ataupun genteng... But I found this R piece in the Door Material Section...

I bought the background of this picture for next DIY

My cousin asked me "what are you going to do with that thing?". Then I replied "I'm going to make a Necklace from it".......

See the process of making it happen below...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hello Fellows...

I'm back with my little monster side *horns out* *the cute one* *lol*

Middle West (including LOVELY INDONESIA) version

Did you notice something different?? No?? Well let me show you the other picture of it...


Hahahhahaha!! Yasss.... Gaga's legs are transformed into black.. It looks like Gaga is wearing a black legging... and another difference is The Koons (blue) Ball is bigger in the Middle East album cover...
Well, Gaga is not the only victim of this "Censored Album Cover"... You can check out the rest here...

what happened before #ngeblogyuk event....

Hello Fellows...

Let me introduce you to some of my campus' mate... They are Bagas (the Photographer), Yuka and Akbar.. We were having fun at a Park which located in Bintaro... It was my first time visiting Menteng Bintaro park...

we are having different pose are'nt we?
Maybe for some of you asking, what is the purpose of having this kind-of-photoshoot? Well.. As I said before, kita cuma seneng-seneng... Ngisi waktu lain dan juga sekalian narsis lol..

More photos by Bagas Anggoro (you can check his twitter HERE)

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Hello Fellows...

Maybe for some people who followed me on twitter or instagram were questioning what kind of Music Video that I was making that day...

Friday, November 8, 2013

#ngeblogyuk Bareng Benakribo (...the continuation)

Hello Fellows...

As I promised you from the previous post, I'm going to share the captured moments from #ngeblogyuk Bareng Benakribo hari Selasa tgl 5 November kemaren..

Sedikit tentang #ngeblogyuk itu acara iseng yang diadain sama kak Benakribo utk kumpul bareng blogger-blogger di Jakarta.. Blogger-blogger yg hadir ini sebelumnya udah kirim data mereka via e-mail. Setelah itu dipilih beberapa Blogger yg memang memiliki passion dan menjiwai (halah) Blog mereka masing-masing..

Acara ini diadain di salah satu Coffe Shop di Mall Jakarta Pusat.. Tempat ini dipilih kareng tempat yg paling strategis, karena berlokasi di jalan besar Jakarta.. (can you guess where it is? kecuali Blogger yg dateng dan ada di gambar disamping ya..)

Well, you better read more for the rest story...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#ngeblogyuk barengan Benakribo (to be continued...)

Hello Fellows....

Wah, it has been 4 days since the last time I posted a story in my blog...
Rasanya ada yg aneh sekarang kalo gak cerita di blog..

Well, anyway..
Hari ini gue abis ikutan kumpul bareng temen-temen blogger Jakarta di acara #ngeblogyuk by Benakribo.. Sebenernya sih acara santai gitu, just hanging out and having a talk about blogging.. Selain kak Bena, dateng juga temen-temen blogger lain :

Friday, November 1, 2013

What A Wednesday

Hello Fellows....

How is your weekend?
So last Wednesday I went to Gandaria City watching THOR : Dark World IMAX 3D with Kak Bena, Kak Vendryana and Izzan (Vendryana's lil Brother)..
Buat kalian yang belum nonton film pertama dari THOR, jangan khawatir, karena gue juga belum nonton tapi ngerti kok alur ceritanya (gak begitu berhubungan).. So.. It's okay.. Stay focused on the movie, ignore the question marks in your mind because you can watch the first sequel later..
Tapi buat kalian yang mau nonton THOR, gue saranin buat nonton yang 2D aja.. Karena effect 3Dnya gak begitu berasa.. Mungkin gambar lebih tajam aja sih... and LOKI is charming as always...
Oiya, jangan keluar sebelum kredit akhir abis.. Agak lama sih, tapi gue gak mau spoiler.. Intinya tunggu bentaran doang, sekali kali kasih penghargaan sama orang-orang dibalik layar :) Karena ada 2 video extra di akhir film THOR ini.. hehehe

Sedikit ngomongin film jadi laper.. We decided to eat at Marugame Udon.. This was my first time eating in here.. The prices are well a little expensive, but you definitely have to try this very authentic taste of Japanese origin Udon ^^ Mau ngintip gimana penampakan Udon asli dari Jepang??

Halloween Night #PARANOIT2

Hello Fellows...

Last night, I joined PARANOIT Chapter 2.
This year is the first time of me being a part in a Halloween Event.
Actually I signed up for three people, but unfortunately, my friends can't come and join
me.. :(
Even I was alone, the PARTY must go on, right??

PARANOIT (Parade Nonton Horror Sampe Koit) Chapter 2 adalah event yang dibuat oleh MovieGoersID, WatDeFakMovie, FlickMagazines dan di sponsori oleh KisahHorror, Jive Movies, Cinemags berlokasi di Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta Selatan (31/10/2013).
Acara ini dibuka untuk Registrasi Ulang Peserta mulai 18.30 WIB, sedangkan acara PARANOIT Chapter 2 ini baru dimulai jam 19.30 s/d 22.30 WIB.

Antrian Peserta Daftar Ulang

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OH...Howdy my hoodie hood?!

Hello Fellows
What are you doing today??

*thank God for this mid-test-gap-day*
Today I try to modify my hoodie sweater that I have since 2011..

I cut the arm of it and make it a hoodie-vest-jacket because I wanna make it looks like a new stuff that I've never wore before and add some round-stud on the hood (a new try-out, hope it turns to be a better stuff)


Voila !
What do you think about it?
Leave a comment below whether you like it or not... 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Captain, take me to your ship!

Hello Fellows...

*source :
How are you doin' today??
Well, even tho today is monday, I'm trying to love it..

I decided to entertain my self in the another-mid-exam-day (Thursday is the last day! Thank God!) with watching Captain Phillips in Hollywood XXI Cinema..
This place is always being my favorite place to watch a movie (or movies cause sometimes I do a marathon-movies in here) because it has a larger cinema but offers an economist-ticket-price, IDR 25.000,- (Monday to Thursday)..

I really adore how the director and the actor for creating this thrilling atmosphere.. Like,seriously the Somalian People have incredible acting.. And I almost had the same feeling like the captain felt in the last scene.. The pain that he had been through was delivered very smoothly to the audience.. 8/10

Speaking of Captain, I wanna introduce you to my CAPTAIN who rides a Spaceship... Wanna meet him??
Well you better check this post out!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ARTPOP is getting NEAR

Finally it's time for being a Little Monster :P

ARTPOP's Album Cover


Hello fellows....

Last night, I went to PONG ME! Lounge & Café which located in Jl. Gunawarman No. 37, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta with a couple friends..
Maybe some of you have already heard about this New Place to Hang Out, but if you haven't, well this place has a Unique Concept where you can play PING PONG! games here..

Banyak juga dekorasi (photos or quotes) yang mendukung atmosfer main PING PONG loh disini..

There are Smoking Room (which located upstairs) and Non-Smoking Room..
Because the place was very crowded last night, so we decided to have a couple drinks and then leave..

Feel the different atmosphere playing PING PONG at PONG ME! Lounge & Café, and don't forget to bring some friends because the MORE, the MERRIER.