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Hello Fellows...

I'm back with my little monster side *horns out* *the cute one* *lol*

Middle West (including LOVELY INDONESIA) version

Did you notice something different?? No?? Well let me show you the other picture of it...


Hahahhahaha!! Yasss.... Gaga's legs are transformed into black.. It looks like Gaga is wearing a black legging... and another difference is The Koons (blue) Ball is bigger in the Middle East album cover...
Well, Gaga is not the only victim of this "Censored Album Cover"... You can check out the rest here...


Even the LEGENDARY Nirvana Cover...

Enough about the hilarious part... I wanna write my experience listening this whole ARTPOP album, starting with the most enjoyable song for me :
1. Aura
Enigma popstar is fun, she wear burqa for fashion
It's not a statement as much as just a move of passion

She's not Gaga if she's not the controversy. Lagu ini sedikit menyisipkan kata burqa atau biasa dikenal dengan cadar dalam bahasa Indonesia. Gaga menggunakan kata Burqa sebagai pengganti dari proteksi (penutup Aurat) dari kaum wanita. Mmm.. Sedikit aja tentang isi lagu ini, takut diserang FPI lol..
Oh yeah a little information, Aura is taking a sample of Infected Mushroom beat..

2. G.U.Y.
Touch me, touch me, don't be sweet
Love me, love me, please retreat
Let me be the girl under you that makes you cry

Zedd is the man behind this sick beat of G.U.Y. It takes me to another level of GaGa's music (above)... Very catchy Pre-Chorus is the power of this song which has been posted by GAGA in her youtube page...

3. Gypsy
Latin American, I don't speak German but I try
Someday in Jakarta, I'm
American, I'm gypsy I

Lagu Gypsy ini bercerita tentang GAGA yg sering berkeliling dunia dalam konser Born This Way.. About how attached she feels with stage and her fans (little monster).. Dan kenangan yg dia alami selama BTW Ball berlangsung termasuk tentang JAKARTA :) I love the live version, because the accoustic one really touched my heart (especially Jakarta part)

When you touch me I die
Just a little inside
I wonder if this could be love
This could be love

This the first song that Gaga produced herself (the lyrics, the beat and everything).. And yeah this one is worth of listen song of ARTPOP.

5. Applause
6. Do What U Want feat R. Kelly
7. Donatella
8. Mary Jane Holland
9. Sexxx Dream
10. Fashion!
11. Jewels & Drugs feat T.I Too $hort and Twista
14. Swine
15. Dope
*I'm sorry Gaga, but the lyrics change, and the techno beat ruins everything I love I wanna be with more than Dope :(

So, have you heard ARTPOP yet? Feel FREE to download it on iTunes or Buy the physical CD (with black legging lol) on store! :)
Maybe you can write your favorite songs of ARTPOP on the comments section bellow..


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