Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Night #PARANOIT2

Hello Fellows...

Last night, I joined PARANOIT Chapter 2.
This year is the first time of me being a part in a Halloween Event.
Actually I signed up for three people, but unfortunately, my friends can't come and join
me.. :(
Even I was alone, the PARTY must go on, right??

PARANOIT (Parade Nonton Horror Sampe Koit) Chapter 2 adalah event yang dibuat oleh MovieGoersID, WatDeFakMovie, FlickMagazines dan di sponsori oleh KisahHorror, Jive Movies, Cinemags berlokasi di Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta Selatan (31/10/2013).
Acara ini dibuka untuk Registrasi Ulang Peserta mulai 18.30 WIB, sedangkan acara PARANOIT Chapter 2 ini baru dimulai jam 19.30 s/d 22.30 WIB.

Antrian Peserta Daftar Ulang

Durasi acara PARANOIT Chapter 2 sedikit lebih pendek dari acara PARANOIT Chapter 1 (Lokasi : fX Sudirman). Ada total 5 film,4 film pendek (termasuk "Sendiri" Film Pendek karya The Mo Brothers) and a Surprise Movie, hAntU (seriously, ini bukan tulisan gaya alay tapi emang judul filmnya begitu..)

Selain itu juga ada pemutaran an Exclusive Trailer of the KILLERS movie by The Mo Brothers (I swear to God that the trailer is very DOPE! can't wait!).. Sedikit info, The Mo Brother adalah dua bersaudara yang menjadi sutradara dari film DARA (short movie in anthology movie, Takut : Faces of Fear) dan juga film RUMAH DARA (2010).. "Enak kan??????!"


Apalah arti sebuah pesta Halloween tanpa kostum, right?
In the limit of time, I decided to do a fusion : Fashion + Halloween..
Cause I didn't have so many time to prepare the whole role-play of Horror Movies Character, so I used some stuff that I have to be something new. #RAINVENTION

source : fineartamerica


Well, while others were trying to be someone else, I revealed a MONSTER inside of me (with some Nature + Fashion + Spooky touches)...


So happy that my costume creation was chosen as the best FIVE costume of the #PARANOIT2.. I got 2 Blitzmegaplex Tickets, Kisah Horror Novel (which is now AVAILABLE at BOOKSTORE), and CINEMAGS for November Issues (THOR as the Cover)..

with the Man of the NIGHT (adithiarangga) a.k.a the Judge


Last but not least, I would love say thanks to MOVIEGOERS INDONESIA and etc for another awesome event!
Dan buat kalian yang suka nonton FILM, tapi ga punya temen (yang suka film), gue sangat rekomendasiin untuk gabung di Acara Nobar yang sering mereka adain, selain nambah temen, acara yang mereka buat juga bukan sekedar nonton FILM biasa tapi ada "something special" can't be described but experienced!
more info follow MovieGoersID 's twitter.

PS : thanks to Ka Bena + Ka Vendry for coming, next time, harus ikutan ya?


Could you SPOT me???

credit : MovieGoersID's picture


  1. such a fun halloween party!
    anyway, thank you for dropped by my blog
    if u see me next time, just call my name :)
    have a great day!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. wow your look so spooky,,love your costume ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Haii, kakak Vinaaaaa ^^
      thanks for visiting my blog.. :*

  4. woke juga nih acara halloween nya.. tahun ini bagaimana >.<??

    1. Hey thanks :)

      Tahun ini bakalan ada halloween party barengan temen2 Fashion Blogger Jakarta di Gandaria City.. Bakalan ngepost juga.. Tunggu ya:)