Sunday, October 27, 2013

ARTPOP is getting NEAR

Finally it's time for being a Little Monster :P

ARTPOP's Album Cover

Yaps, as you know, Lady Gaga is going to release her new album ARTPOP November 11st 2013..
Well, even though the last single (Applause) is not popular as her previous single (such as Just Dance, Bad Romance etc)..

 APPLAUSE's Single Artwork

But I'm still excited about what she is going to release and do in this Era!

Yet, it is very confusing for me (maybe for some little monsters too) because Gaga has so many different concept for ARTPOP
But she is GAGA, she can be anything she wants
and ARTPOP could mean anything


WATCH brand new ARTPOP Promo video from O2 UK featuring "Do What U Want ft R. Kelly" track and Jeff Koons' here :

*images source : GAGAMEDIA.NET

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