Tuesday, October 29, 2013

OH...Howdy my hoodie hood?!

Hello Fellows
What are you doing today??

*thank God for this mid-test-gap-day*
Today I try to modify my hoodie sweater that I have since 2011..

I cut the arm of it and make it a hoodie-vest-jacket because I wanna make it looks like a new stuff that I've never wore before and add some round-stud on the hood (a new try-out, hope it turns to be a better stuff)


Voila !
What do you think about it?
Leave a comment below whether you like it or not... 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Captain, take me to your ship!

Hello Fellows...

*source : collider.com
How are you doin' today??
Well, even tho today is monday, I'm trying to love it..

I decided to entertain my self in the another-mid-exam-day (Thursday is the last day! Thank God!) with watching Captain Phillips in Hollywood XXI Cinema..
This place is always being my favorite place to watch a movie (or movies cause sometimes I do a marathon-movies in here) because it has a larger cinema but offers an economist-ticket-price, IDR 25.000,- (Monday to Thursday)..

I really adore how the director and the actor for creating this thrilling atmosphere.. Like,seriously the Somalian People have incredible acting.. And I almost had the same feeling like the captain felt in the last scene.. The pain that he had been through was delivered very smoothly to the audience.. 8/10

Speaking of Captain, I wanna introduce you to my CAPTAIN who rides a Spaceship... Wanna meet him??
Well you better check this post out!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

ARTPOP is getting NEAR

Finally it's time for being a Little Monster :P

ARTPOP's Album Cover


Hello fellows....

Last night, I went to PONG ME! Lounge & Café which located in Jl. Gunawarman No. 37, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta with a couple friends..
Maybe some of you have already heard about this New Place to Hang Out, but if you haven't, well this place has a Unique Concept where you can play PING PONG! games here..

Banyak juga dekorasi (photos or quotes) yang mendukung atmosfer main PING PONG loh disini..

There are Smoking Room (which located upstairs) and Non-Smoking Room..
Because the place was very crowded last night, so we decided to have a couple drinks and then leave..

Feel the different atmosphere playing PING PONG at PONG ME! Lounge & Café, and don't forget to bring some friends because the MORE, the MERRIER.