Sunday, March 16, 2014

First Birthday's Gift from Classmates Evolution!!!

Hey Fellows :)

How are you doing?
I hope you guys are doing well..
Me? Well,right now I'm having a romantic relationship with SKRIPSI.. (well said)

So, in order to you know having a distraction from this complicated relationship, I was trying to remember happy memories from being a student in campus. One of 'em is getting a birthday gift.
I have this tradition with class mateys when someone is having his/her birthday, then we give em a surprise gift that fundamentally gathered  by us (except the birthday person).

I got a pair of shoes. They were really comfy till the time took it all :(

FYI, I'm kind of people who believe that a thing (whether it's clothes or anything) which is given by other people to us is contain pray, memory and love. So, I'm going to keep it forever as I can. But this time is special cause I'm gonna try a #DIY for my first Birthday Gift.. Check 'em out!!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

the R necklace

Heyyy fellows :D

Maybe some of you have already red my R necklace DIY project (if you haven't please cllik this link) that I only posted only the process..

And now, I want to introduce you "the R necklace", check this out :