Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#BARISAN : BA-NA-NA Arisan Chapter I

Halo Everyone!!!

It's beeeeeeennn a looooooong time right? :( I've been busy with my final task and JKT Movement of Inspirations Project. Speaking of it, JKTMoveIn for short is a Musical Drama that I've been involved. The story about it is about life of high school, and I got a small part in here. This is my first experience to be involved in a Musical Drama, I'm so excited about this from the first time that they announced this project would be inspiring youth.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Halo Everyone!!!

So two days ago, when I was hosting in a Very GaGa Gathering (will post this soon on my blog), I got a little surprise from my Instagram notification. BOOM!

" @LOOKBOOKINDONESIA took a photo of you "

"lookbookindonesia by @raviagustiana - #lookbookindonesia Love and comment for this style and share to all your fashionable friends #lookbook #lookbookindonesia #lookbookindo #style #fashion"