Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hello Fellow UNIQLO :p

What's up??
I hope you all are fine, cause the weather is crazy like a roller coaster! One time it's raining,then suddenly it's sunny out there.. Please take care, ok?

Last friday (November 29th), I was invited to come to UNIQLO Second Store Grand Opening at Mall Taman Anggrek.. The event started from 9am untill 10.30am (the ceremony) and the rest of it was SHOPPING!

The thing that I love the most from Uniqlo is the Price.. They offer not-so-expensive stuff but still get their best quality of products.. And of course because of the event, UNIQLO offers you special prices for selected items starting from IDR 49.000,- (more info click HERE)
The place here at Mall Taman Anggrek is very comfortable.. The crews were being so polite, nice and very kind to all customers..

here they are some pictures that I've taken from the event....
(PS : read more to find out how to get the UNIQLO bag for FREE)

Antrian Pengunjung yang ingin berbelanja ^^
What makes us being so eager for shopping (SPECIAL PRICE!!!)
We were getting READY for the Opening Ceremony

UNIQLO Crew yang super baik dan ramah udah siap-siap nih ^^
Host sedang menjelaskan tentang acara yang akan segera dimulai
 "Pertama kali saya ke Jakarta, saya langsung jatuh cinta dengan Mall Taman Anggrek" -UNIQLO
Perwakilan dari Mall Taman Anggrek memberikan kata sambutan
Pemotongan Pita, simbolis atas dibukanya UNIQLO di Mall Taman Anggrek

Acara kemaren seru banget.. Bisa jadi salah satu dari beberapa orang yang diundang untuk ikutan dateng ke Grand Opening of UNIQLO Second Store at Mall Taman Anggrek was very great! LOVE!

As I promised, I will tell you how to get the UNIQLO Limited Edition (Blue, Mall Taman Anggrek edition) for FREE. It is by spending IDR 500k in UNIQLO then you will get this iconic tote bag instantly for FREE..
For further information about the Promo, please click this and you will get directly access to The Official Page of UNIQLO..

And last but not least, I do really suggest you to come and visit UNIQLO Store in Mall Taman Anggrek like now because they are having this SPECIAL PRICE promo for two weeks only from the Opening date (which is gonna end around December 11st-12nd)


The reason that I choose this outfit that day because when UNIQLO was having the Grand Opening event, I was going to go to Ardina B'day party at Nom-Nom-Nom Cafe too and the dresscode of the party was FLOWER POWER..
THEME : Flower Power
Batik Cirebon shirts // Istanbul Flowery tshirts // Jeans by Nevada // GAGA ARTPOP fatwristband by JAKARTA WRISTBAND // Rocksmith Snapback // Customized boots


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