Monday, October 28, 2013

Captain, take me to your ship!

Hello Fellows...

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How are you doin' today??
Well, even tho today is monday, I'm trying to love it..

I decided to entertain my self in the another-mid-exam-day (Thursday is the last day! Thank God!) with watching Captain Phillips in Hollywood XXI Cinema..
This place is always being my favorite place to watch a movie (or movies cause sometimes I do a marathon-movies in here) because it has a larger cinema but offers an economist-ticket-price, IDR 25.000,- (Monday to Thursday)..

I really adore how the director and the actor for creating this thrilling atmosphere.. Like,seriously the Somalian People have incredible acting.. And I almost had the same feeling like the captain felt in the last scene.. The pain that he had been through was delivered very smoothly to the audience.. 8/10

Speaking of Captain, I wanna introduce you to my CAPTAIN who rides a Spaceship... Wanna meet him??
Well you better check this post out!


Actually, it's a Helicopter Lego which I got from Hoka Hoka Bento (you can see it in the picture below)..

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But because the lack of my capability making a lego, so apparently the Helicopter transformed into a Spaceship.. LOL
*PS : I add some spikey on the spaceship 
And suddenly the Spaceship become a Necklace which I wear today :)

*If you guys were wondering "are the shoes customized?" then the answer would be YES! Because I'm not a CONVERSE-GENIC type so I invented a couple of Rolling Stones symbols on it..


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