Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Kaleidoscope

Hello Guys! Whaddup..?!

Happy New Year 2015 :)
How many resolutions that you'd achieved in 2014?
Mine? Hmm,still many resolutions from 2013 which haven't achieved in 2014 that I make 'em on list again on 2015 resolutions.
Speaking of resolutions, there were so many things happen back in 2014 in my life. Here they are 6 things that happened in 2014 :

1. Debut as an MC
Yep, this year I'm debuting my self as an MC. It was actually planned that I was going to make a first debut as an MC for charity event, but turned out, I got an opportunity to be one of the MCs for LUKIE BEAT concert (Lunafly and LC9, Kpop Idols) in January 19th. I'm so lucky, aren't I?

I wrote my story of it on my blog that you can read here : LUKIE BEAT LIVE IN CONCERT.
And in case you're wondering, I was supposed to be debuting as an MC in YG Indonesia Charity event (Feb, 11th)

2. Take a part in Jakarta Movement Of Inspirations
One of the highest achievement that happened this year which is finally I got involved in a Musical Drama where I could sing,dance and act at once. I thought it would be easy as I do everyday in the bathroom,but it wasn't. I had a six months training for singing,dancing,acting and also coordinating three of 'em at once.

I had 3 roles in Musikal Sekolahan. First, as a Student, not an ordinary one but as a Good Student Gone Bad because of "Minuman Plus-Plus". And then I involved in "Cita-Cita" scene as an Army. It was kinda hard at first because you know, I had to practice that ARMY attitude, but I did well :p

Last but not least, it was actually not a planned role for me, but because the person who did a role as "Ayah Sekar" couldn't join the Musical, so the role was handed for me. I was struggling too, because Ayah Sekar is a Doctor and a very serious person well in the reality, I am not kinda that person. But I did it well too,because many people (who doesn't know me in person) didn't know that Ayah Sekar and Murid Minuman Plus-Plus were played by one person. I remembered a conversation of spectators said "I love Ayah Sekar, so mature and his voice is handsome (???)" and her friend said "Ah I prefer the Minuman Plus-Plus Student one, because he is so funny." <3

Here it is a clip of Musikal Sekolahan while me being one of Swara Bangsa's Student

Oh yeah, this one is special too because I celebrated my birthday by performing in front of a lot of people and love ones!

3. Get so many hair experiences
This year, I also got a chance to dying my hair (yay!). I try blonde at first.
Gaya Rambut Pria 2015
But it was only took a month (or more)  until I got bored and I went to Lavender Blonde.
Gaya Rambut Pria 2015
And then a few later, the lavender dies~ So I replace it with Red Rose~
Gaya Rambut Pria 2015
The Rose dies, I changed it to Blue Turquoise.
Gaya Rambut Pria 2015
And if you are asking, what my hair color right now is this :
Gaya Rambut Pria 2015
4. Have 3 trips a year
I went to Thailand for Songkran Festival. This was the first time I went abroad without using travel agency.
And then I went holiday to Singapore with and also some creators in INDOVIDGRAM.
Last  but not least a roller coaster trip with my beloved Mom to Hongkong that you can read full here.

5. Go to Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 and Indonesia Fashion Week 2015
Even only as an invitation, I hope I could be a walker on the runway this year. Amin!
When I visited IFW 2014, I didn't have a fashion blogger friend, so I only enjoyed it by myself. But fortunately I got my BA-NA-NA company ^^
Read my story about the IFW 2014 here
Meanwhile when I went to JFW, I got some fashion blogger friends so I wasn't that lonely back then ^^

6. Get featured on official MAZDA website


  1. Hello from Spain: Great pics. Fabulous tips.Keep in touch

  2. Gorgeous as always Ravi

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