Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Blibli Meets Style Event

Hey guys!!

Holiday Holiday Holidaaaaaay~~

Yep,it's December already.. How's your preparation for the holiday? I hope you can enjoy your holiday time with your family and the beloved ones :)

Me?? Well.. I have a MC-ing job for New Year's Eve in Sentul Bogor fortunately.. Because this is the first time I get a job for Holiday time.. It feels amazing and I'm so grateful.. But coin has two sides.. The bad side is I cannot spend holiday with my family this year.. Kinda sad cuz I always spend the NYE with my family back in Indramayu..

So back in November, I went to Blibli Meets Style event.. Blibli is an online mall.. Where you can buy a lot of authentic stuff there.. I once bought a perfume there because they offered the real deal.. I mean IDR 450.000,- perfume became IDR 89.000,- only! It was included shipping cost to Jakarta also.. Man! I saved a transportation cost, parking cost and also time cost. It was wrapped so fine and I got my perfume safely.. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture back then) You definitely should check Blibli.com out!

I met Diana Rika Sari for the first time here. There were also Michi Momo, and other Bloggers (Beauty and Photography). So, there was a fashion show here performed by cutiepie. I mean these kids are so adorable! Look at 'em ^^

And also there was a fashion talk show with Diana Rika Sari talkin about what is going to be a trend in 2015.. So, shall we begin??

Diana Rika Sari took a note from what she saw from Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 back then. She told us what's in her mind about what are going to be the trends of 2015 :

1. Black & White
 2. Black / White / Neutral
3. Geometric / Art Deco
4. Art on Fabric
5. Runway to Real Life
After explaining about what's HOT in 2015, Diana opened a question session, where audiences could asked here.. And then suddenly I saw the girls the twins Gabriella Olivia and Ines! Yay, finally I met somebody I knew.. So I moved my seat with them.. They looked gorgeous as always! And after the moment I moved, Valerie entered the room! Another yay! Hahaha All I thought about that moment was "We are going to have a lot of selfies #lol".

But since Gaby have another appointment.. So, only three of us who continued the selfie madness using Ines Magic Phone!

Lookin so fineeeee even tho this were taken in a dark room using front camera!

Well actually, there was a dresscode for this event. But I didn't know as Ines,Gaby and also Valerie. But Ines won the best dress because she wore the rainbow clothes with her gorgeous hair. While Valerie and me wore all black clothes.. hahaha

After the event, I took a picture with all the attendances & blogger fellows
Thank you Fiona for inviting me and also Blibli for an amazing night!

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