Tuesday, January 28, 2014

LUKIE BEAT Live in Concert, Indonesia 2014 (PART1/2).

Hello Fellowsss..!
Long time no see, Long time no see..

Ah, been busy with stuff, you know, playing here, playing there..
But nobody asked me for being played (wtf??!)

I wanna tell you that I was very happpyyy that I could received the opportunity to be MC at LUKIE BEAT Live in Concert (January 18th & 19th). Yippiiiiii!! Before I start telling my story, I'm going to tell you what LUKIE BEAT is.

So, LUKIE BEAT is a collaboration concert between LUNAFLY (Korean Band) & LC9 (Korean Boyband). Well, LUNAFLY is a group of 3 men : Yun, Teo and Sam. Their fans are called LUKIE.

And LC9 members are Rasa, Jun, Ao, J-Hyo, King & Eden.

Based on the name, LC9 (League of Champions 9), they will be 9 members boyband. 3 members left are still on process. Their fans are called LOVE BEAT. So, LUKIE BEAT is LOVE BEAT mixed with LUKIE.

So, I was chosen as MC with my friend, (@erudhio1127) for Press Conference, Fan Meeting, Dinner (January 18th) and for the main event, LUKIE BEAT concert (January 19th).

credit : koreanindo
I wore all black outfit for the Press Conference., with Gold touches on my necklace. I had got a lot of nervous when the Press Conference,because this was the first time I faced media (press) as an MC. But Erdhio Hyung helped me a lot. And I was getting better and calm when the Fan Meeting & Dinner.
Check out my photos while fan meeting including my outfut details from Press Conference & Fan Meeting session here :

with Erdhio Hendri

with LUNAFLY's Yun

Black Blazer : (X)S.M.L // Gold chain short necklace : Whole Sale Accessories //
Gold Chain long necklaces : EUSTACIA & CO // Customized Plastic Shoes : CASE Shoes.

After the press conference then fan meeting was over, it's around 4-5 pm, I had about 3-4 hours for costume change, having lunch and other preparation while LUNAFLY & LC9 were heading to media promotion (TV & Radio in Jakarta).

It's about 7pm, I had my outfit changed in to something casual because Gala Dinner was only for invitation (selected fans). Here they are the photos that were taken at that time :

backstage selfie with AO, the youngest member from LC9

backstage selfie with Erdhio Hyung

Eden, Jun, Me & J Hyo

backstage selfie with Teo

Denim Shirts : UNIQLO // Brown Chinos : COLE Jeans // Pierced Ring :  RainbowSpell // Customized Shoes : FAIRY BERRIES // A necklace : CRNVL // Red Sweater : Erdhio's.

I'm going to make my LUKIE BEAT Jakarta in 2 parts, because it was too long for one post. See you on LUKIE BEAT Live in Concert, Indonesia 2014 (PART2/2) update with some backstage stories exclusively.




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    1. YES... I was very lucky to have this rare chance :)))

  2. WEE congrats on being the MC! You look like you had loads of fun there ^^