Thursday, February 27, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Hello Fellows :))

What's Up??
Woah, last week was really like my dreams come true (almost,  cuz I have a lot of dreams). Having a moment in Indonesian Fashion Week 2014, watching the fashion show, looking around the stands that sell a lot of great stuff and meeting a lot of fashionable and fabulous  people! I went to Indonesian Fashion Week day 2 and day 4..

Obsessed with this!!!
It was actually the first day I touched the land of Jakarta again after came back from my home town to visit my beloved Mother, she's sick (but now she is fine ^^ if you're asking). I went to IFW from the noon until afternoon. I saw a lot of creative and very Indonesia-ness details and cultures (Batik, Songket and others). And incase you don't know, I do really adore Batik! There weren't only Fashion Show, Exhibition but IFW 2014 there was also Talk Show.

Totally adore this person
Fortunately kak Bintang's mother was having a stand there called Maysuda (Kebaya and Embroidery) and I could borrow an IFW ID Card for exhibitors so I could watch the Fashion Show for FREE :)) Yay!

Inside Maysuda's Booth

That was the first time I sat and watched the Fashion Show here in Jakarta.

There was little glitch cuz the theme of the fashion show for that day is for Women's Wear :') It was okay, but It would be very great if the theme was for the Men's Wear too,so I could take some inspiration, right?

After watching the Fashion Show, I went back to Maysuda's Booth to permit for  going home, cuz I was very tired and having my train-lag hahaha..


Sunday!! And thank god the weather was really nice that day.. I was going to watch Laurier's Thin Is In fashion show with Kak Bintang, Kak Bena and Kak Vendryana.. But unfortunately they couldn't make it, because the show was not on time, so they had to leave the building, before the show started..
Thin Is In is a Fashion Show of KLE // 8Eri // Hunting Fields & Danjyo Hiyoji. Which one is my favorite? If I should choose one, I would  choose Danjyo Hiyoji. The show was started with a sword show and continued with the collection parade ^^

I was having a good time right there :) Wish I could be more involved in a fashion event in the future ^^
Amin to the Max?


Check out some of my favorite exhibitions in Indonesian Fashion Week 2014, they have amazing collection yet good decoration :


with a Dayak :)
and with the Man, Benakribo

Ravi Agustiana


  1. love that batiks outer :) and you're so lucky!i can't join IFW cause trapped in flood at my home :(

  2. Oh Ravi, you are so lucky. looks like so cool event and fun. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. Stay in touch.


  3. I saw a very cute flat shoes in one of your photos 'at maysuda's booth', what is it?!?!?! it's freakingggg cute!!!! lol