Monday, December 8, 2014

Food Tasting with Waku Waku Japan Cafe

Hey guys! Whaddup..?!

It's December already! Huh.. There are a lot of stories that I haven't told you yet. It happened on November. But wait,one of it was from Halloween Eve -_- But,hey I'm going to tell you about what I did on November.

Some of you maybe already knew about Waku Waku Japan. Yes! It's a Japanese TV station which is aired in TV Cable (Indonesia). So,this Waku Waku Japan TV is going to have a Cafe in Jakarta. But before they opened the cafe,they wanted to know about Indonesian's taste especially for snacks. In order to know about it,they invited some bloggers & people to taste it before they launched the cafe & the snacks.

Ka Vendryana (Moinblog) & Ka Bintang (sugarandspace) were invited to the food tasting. They asked Ka Bena, Aulion & Me to join them too. Since I didn't have an activity that day,so I joint the food tasting.

I went to the food tasting with Ka Bintang, while Ka Vendry went with Ka Bena & Aulion. I guessed that only Bloggers which were invited to the food tasting, but it turned out there were some JKT48's members!

To be really honest, they were cutter in the real life than on TV #itsacompliment :) We introduced ourselves but I didn't remember all of em. But I recognized Haruka, since her English & Japanese are really good!

Ok,enough for the JKT48,let's focus on the food. Before the food tasting, we were being told about the Waku Waku Japan Cafe. It would be opened on Gandaria City! Yay,it's really close from my board home.

First I tasted  Shiki-Oriori. It's a Traditional Cookies based on seasons in Japan. First, I had Autumn and Winter. Autumn contains Brown Sugar and Soyu. Winter contains Chocolate and Sansho.

The tastes of these two cookies are different than all the cookies I have ever tried. If you see from the picture above, Winter looks like an ordinary choco cookies, but hey there is a surprise taste in it. (Try it your self in Waku-Waku Japan Cafe). And then we have The Autumn ones. Autumn contains Soyu sauce. And as you guys can expect, yes it tastes salty yet spicy.

After tasting the Autumn and Winter, we tasted Summer and Spring. Summer contains Black Sesame, Spring contains Matcha.

Like you guys can see, Spring and Summer isn't far from my expectations. But the Matcha in the Summer one isn't strong. So, for those who doesn't like Green Tea that much,maybe should try this Summer cookies. And about the Spring, as you can see on the picture, there are plenty of black sesames in it, and yeah the scent of the black sesame is stronger than the Matcha one. Spring tastes Umami!

After tasting the Shiki OriOri, I taste another cookies. Well, it's a mini pastry I guess.

I totally forget about these pastries name, but these pastries suit very well with tea or maybe coffee. You can spend a noon with your friends here at Waku-Waku Cafe (Which will be opened from Nov 28th until Jan 28th).

Well, If you are asking, I guess my favorite cookie goes to the Winter one!

Thanks to BBlog Indonesia and WakuWaku Japan for having me there ^^ You can read the details one about the cookie and food tasting with Waku Waku in MOINBLOG (PS : there is my photo there).

And yeah, I'm gonna post the Waku Waku Japan Cafe Opening Party on the next post. You can check the further info about the Waku Waku Japan Cafe here : WAKUWAKU CAFE 
Till then!


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