Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#BARISAN : BA-NA-NA Arisan Chapter I

Halo Everyone!!!

It's beeeeeeennn a looooooong time right? :( I've been busy with my final task and JKT Movement of Inspirations Project. Speaking of it, JKTMoveIn for short is a Musical Drama that I've been involved. The story about it is about life of high school, and I got a small part in here. This is my first experience to be involved in a Musical Drama, I'm so excited about this from the first time that they announced this project would be inspiring youth.

So, I would love to share a story from #BARISAN. This idea came up when we (BA-NA-NA peeps) saw Gaby instagram's update of her n her friends having Arisan. Showing the fun of being together and wearing a dress-code (for those who wanna see, please check her Instagram). And we thought "Wow,kenapa kita gak bikin Arisan juga ya?". Well, actually the main point of Arisan wasn't only about saving money but it's the gathering that we were looking for. 'cause we all had been busy with our activities,so Ka Bintang made #BARISAN : BA-NA-NA Arisan. The theme was chosen by Ka Bena, the Wizards & the Witches. But it's gone : All Black.

Nanda where r you lookin' at girl? LOL

I'm so happy about this #BARISAN event! Even tho I didn't join the Arisan, but having a quality time together with is priceless! Let me introduce them one by one, from left standing person is Nanda's Boyfriend, Nanda, Ardina, Gerry, Me, and Dhino. And from right sitting person is Ka Bena, Ka Vendryana, Ka Bintang, Gerry's Girlfriend ; Gaby (polkadot dress), and Natasha.

After having Arisan, we did a photoshoot with our dresscode. They were really awesome (can you tell?). The pictures were photographed by Benakribo and some of them edited by me :) Enjoy!

Ka Bintang,one of BA-NA-NA founders and check her blog HERE

Dina & Dhino, BA-NA-NA Ambassador couple. Check Ardina's and Dhino's buzz!

Gerry (BA-NA-NA Ambassador) + his girlfriend

Me + Nath the #DoubleTroubLeo (BA-NA-NA Ambassador)
But too bad, I didn't have photos of the other two couples, Ka Bena + Ka Vendryana (both of em are BA-NA-NA founders) and Nanda (BA-NA-NA Ambassador) + her boyfriend.

Last but not least is the photos of mine! Ah... These are my favorite photos of me so far! What do you guys think?

Black Shirts : Customized by RAVI AGUSTIANA //
Black Jeans : Cheap Monday //
Shoes : CASE SHOES (+designed by RAVI AGUSTIANA) // 
Necklace : CARNIVAL (+ customized by RAVI AGUSTIANA) //
Spiky Finger Rings (right hands) : Made by RAVI AGUSTIANA //
Studded Leather Bandz (both hands) : Made by RAVI AGUSTIANA //
Silver Rings (left hand) : WholeSale Accessories // 
Sunglasses : VANS //

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