Tuesday, May 13, 2014

1st Year Aniversarry of Me with BA-NA-NA

Halo Everyone!!

Fiuhhhh, what a busy month for the last semester student like me having my final task. If you guys are the last students too, maybe you know how I feel right now. So, last night I was having my sleeping trouble then I opened my facebook. Oh gosh, it's been a long time since the last time I "kepo" on my facebook.

I didn't know why but I opened BA-NA-NA facebook page last night. And I saw the pictures that'd been posted by BA-NA-NA. And woah, I found a picture of me with the rest of the BA-NA-NA Ambassadors for the first time we were doing the photoshoot (Cita-Cita Edition).

I was having my moment to recall the memories of it. Ok, I will tell you a story, the first time I joined the audition or casting (you named it) for BA-NA-NA Brand Ambassadors.

It started when I was in my class hanging out with my friends cuz we got no lecturer. And my friend said "Eh Rav, iwearbanana lagi buka audisi buat jadi Brand Ambassador mereka. Lo ikutan gih!" and I was like, was she offering me to go on audition for a fruit or me wearing a banana? Cause back then I was completely clueless about what iwearbanana is. And she told me that iwearbanana is a brand of a clothing line. She adored one of the shoes, Megan Foxy and she said to me that if I could make it happen (be one of the Brand Ambassadors) she was hoping that she could get one for free from me.

By the time I arrived in my dormitory, I googled and searched about what iwearbanana is. Long time short, I found that this creativity of the products was blowing my mind. The tees had twisted simple typography designs and the shoes were completely adorable. And I was like "hey Ravi, why don't ya give it a try? A failure won't hurt, but if you could pass then the happiness would be the greatest!".

Then I filled the form about my self. I could write the basic info so easily, because I wrote it often for another audition that I participated (and fail..) but when it came to last question which was telling me about yourself, I was about to tell something that could fit for the standard of Indonesian. But there was someone or something like I dunno a whisper (maybe) that told me "hey Ravi, have you learned something from writing or answering that kind of question from the failing audition / casting? Why don't you writing down story that completely showing your uniqueness, be who you are? You are not only offering your self as Indonesian right? You are representing your self!"

And I deleted the answer that I wrote down so perfectly and replacing it with something new, someone that's me. It was so silly to read but hey I should be proud of my self. Sorry that I couldn't share the answer here cause the file is already gone :(( Oh yeah, after filled the form,I attached 2 photos of me to complete the form. It was sent by e-mail.

Day by day passed,but I hadn't received the reply so I guessed that I didn't make it. Until one night I received an e-mail from Vendryana. And I was like "woaahh! who is she saying congratulation? for what?". I opened it up and that she through that e-mail informed that I was chosen for one of the BA-NA-NA Ambassadors!! There were 6 people who passed the audition (3 boys and 3 girls but too bad Natasha can't come in the 1st photoshoot). You have no idea how happy and grateful I was back then. And yeah, the first person that I told about this was my friend who told and suggested me to join the audition.

I contacted all the ambassadors through e-mail to congratulate them and ask their twitter accounts. Cause I felt that I had to make a relationship between the ambassador first before making it with the founders.

The day had come,we were going to have the first photoshoot on Sunday (if I'm not mistaken) May 12nd or 5th. And by that time I was informed, I was planning to take a train come back to my hometown. So, I brought my big luggage to the photo set. I was doing 2 tees photo shoot, Power Rangers long sleeves and Besok Senin long sleeves too. We were published officially as BA-NA-NA's Brand Ambassadors on May 13th

We had so much fun on set, but not only on set. We were having a lot of fun beside doing the photoshoot. A lot of stories that maybe I would share through this blog later.

sharing with the kids in Rumah Singgah Melodi

at Jakcloth 2013

with some of Rumah Singgah Melodies kids + BA-NA-NA Family

I was serving the customer but they were all striking a pose #smh

1st BA-NA-NA Anniversary, theme : ARMY

Last but not least, thank you so much for this great opportunity and trust that is given for me. And also for accepting as my self to be one of people that represent iwearbanan. I've been very grateful since day one till now that I could now every single one of you, Ka Bintang, Ka Bena, Ka Vendryana, Gerry, Nanda, Natasha, Syani and also Dian+Irfan (even we spent just a lil time) and all of the people that I know from BA-NA-NA family, I wanna say THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU and cannot wait to have another amazing year with you all.


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