Friday, January 3, 2014

#FridayNostalgic FAME Launching Party

Hello Fellows :)

Happy New Year!!

2013 had already passed, we're stepping on 2014 already..
Udah 3 hari ya kita berada di tahun 2014 ini, have your resolutions been started yet?
Well, my resolutions this year are always be positive, be happy and stay for being who I am.

And, this year, I'm going to start posting my stories to the blog from the past, It's going to be called : #FridayNostalgic.
Which will be posted every Friday (hopefully I could make it happen.. hehehe). Considering my bad memory, so I could read my stories from my blog too.. Blog is an online diary, isn't it?

So...the first #FridayNostalgic is going to be FAME launching party. Yes, FAME is First Lady Gaga's perfume. FAME itself has its own unique side, which is black fluid. FAME is the first Black Perfume ever.

Di Indonesia sendiri, FAME akan di luncurkan pada 14 November 2012, bertempat di METRO Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta. Selain acara peluncuran, Haus Laboratories juga ingin mengadakan kontes foto bergaya ala Lady Gaga sebagai Campaign of FAME itself, which was themed BLACK.

The photo competition divided into 3 parts : CHIC, SEXY and CRAZY. And yes, as A Little Monster (LadyGaga fans), I joined this. The hardest part of it wasn't the preparation (the costume or the photoshoot) but choosing which one my photo was gonna fit in, was it CHIC, was it SEXY or was it CRAZY?
 *click read more to see my photos*
 inspired by
Gaga's Orbit Headpiece photo credits taken from Elle Show

Finally, after discussing with my little monster friends, I choosed CRAZY theme.

And I was chosen as Big Ten of CRAZY theme photos.

I was so happy I could die, cause I could be a part of Gaga's Event which was held in Indonesia. I met my little monster friends from Born This Wall Ball cancellation event. It felt like a reunion.

Backstage Selfie :p

After being judged, I was chosen as the BIG five from the Crazy Theme costume.

yeay! the winners (the Big FIVE) were going to get 100ml FAME perfume and METRO Dept. shopping voucher worth IDR 1.000.000k

Thanks to Metro Dept. // LadyGagaIDcom // and Haus Laboratories

Shirts Customized by ravi// Gold Mask Customized by ravi// Four Fingers gloves made by ravi// Thunder belt made by ravi// Head piece made by ravi inspired from Gaga's Orbit Headpiece// accessories by RainbowSpell shop// studded sunglasses by RainbowSpell shop// Shoes customized by ravi

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