Friday, January 10, 2014

Love Me Some Navies

Hellow fellows :))
Looks like the navy print is going to be hit for some guy trend... I know that the trend had been started since 2013, but hey, it's still dopeyyy! And you can find a lot of navy-printed shirts these days..
So here I am wearing my Navy-Printed Shirts

You can try different look by rolling up your sleeves :)) Have a nice try of your navy-printed shirts..

Navy-Printed Shirts SUR Club 1976 // Blue-Navy Chinos ZARA Man Basic // Broken White Bow Tie Unbranded // White Watches Unbranded // Customized Shoes by Fairy Berries


  1. Replies
    1. setuju sama bang Bena, Sepatunyaaaa aaaakkkk unik banget...

    2. @Kak Bena : aahhhh terimakasihhhh ^^ awalnya gak pede pakenya,padahal bikinan sendiri.. hehehehe tapi sekarang malah jadi favorite shoes!!

      @Ucup : hueheheheh thankss ya Cup.. Kapan nih ada event blogger lagi,hhehehe