Monday, August 31, 2015

The Kid in Me

Whaddup Friends..?!

Last week, I was interviewed for a campus assignment. Jadi ada salah satu mahasiswa UNPAD yang mau kumpulin bahan untuk Skripsi dia yang ngebahas tentang Fashion Blogger Indonesia, khususnya Jakarta. I met them at Plaza Senayan because I also already had an appointment with my blogger friend, Margareta Vania & Lisa there (photos are taken by em).

Ok back to the interview things. First question that I already expected to be asked in the interview is "Apa sih konsep atau gaya fashion lo, Rav?" Well, I can't specifically choose what my style is. Karena I do dress up based on my mood. Kadang kalau lagi mau swaggie, I'll be swaggie as G-Dragon would be. And if I wanna be preppy, then I'll be as a Kingsman would be. But one thing that really connect through all my mood and style are the DIY things. Tapi karena sekarang lagi males (worst disease), I don't really have a new DIY stuff (#LazyRavi).

Dan pertanyaan yang muncul berikutnya adalah tentang apa yang ngedorong atau ngebuat gue bisa menjadi Fashion Blogger. Sebenernya ya, alesan simple kenapa mau ngeblog adalah untuk jadi pemacu semangat untuk nulis skripsi pada saat itu (hehehe). Terus karena gue suka fashion, jadilah bikin blog yang ngebahas tentang fashion ^^
(Actually I have another reason, the silly one, but I will talk about later guys :p)
They had a several questions for their thesis that I couldn't remember. But it was a really fun things to do! And if you guys need my help in order to complete your task, please do let me know through

PS : My several blog post will be featuring all the birthday gifts that I got from my beloved ones.
This time it would be... 

White Outerwear : Le Rhythm
VIP T-shirts : iwearbanana
Pants : REMEDY
Shoes : New Balance
Snapback : TMV (Birthday Gift from Princess Ariel, @melia1986)


  1. Deeply in love with your snapback, rav!

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