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Trip to Singapore Asia's Got Talent BIG COLA #thinkbigagt

 Hey guys!

Last week, I got an invitation to watch Asia's Got Talent Grand Final at Marina Bay Sands Theater, Singapore.

Trip-to-Singapore BIG Cola
Well it's not only an invitation to watch the show, but it was a full-package trip to Singapore. YAY!

Trip-to-Singapore BIG Cola
Schedule for Trip to Singapore with BIG Cola #thinkbigAGT
1st DAY 

Gue bersama team BIG Cola nyampe sekitar jam 12 siang waktu Singapura, pesawatnya delay sekitar 1 jam-an :") Jadi kita skip makan siang and langsung menuju Marina Bay Sands. Sampe sana, kita langsung dibagiin tiket untuk nonton acara Grand Final Asia's Got Talent.
Asia's Got Talent 2015 Grand Final #thinkbigAGT
ticket to Grand Final Asia's Got Talent 2015 #thinkbigAGT
Pas nunggu pintu masuk theaternya dibuka, ada beberapa kerumunan orang-orang yang minta foto sama salah satu undangan dan ada yang interview dia juga. I was like "Who is she? She must be famous here #ArtisLokal" Cantik, flawless, tinggi semampai tapi gue gatau itu siapa.

Sambil nunggu pintu venue kebuka, gue ganti baju hahaha. Because I had prepared my Batik Blazer (yes I designed it) untuk acara ini. Abis itu balik ke tempat tunggu, tiba2 ada yang nepuk pundak and said "Your jackets is like the cutest thing I have ever seen!" Gue jawab "Thanks, it's Batik from Indonesia and I designed it by my self". Dan ternyata yang bilang itu cewe yang abis di interview and di foto-foto ama orang-orang. Guess who she is...
Asia's Got Talent 2015 Grand Final #thinkbigAGT
 with Joey Mead King (kinda blurry, I was too hungry!)
Ternyata dia Joey Mead King, Runway Coach di Asia's Next Top Model. Hahaha. I'm really sorry, because I don't watch AsiasANTM but surely gonna watch it from season 1. PS : She is super nice and kind. And Sharpness everywhere kayak Rahang, Cheek bones everywhere~~

Back to AGT (Asia's Got Talent), well actually this is my first time watching a show in MBS Theater. I don't know is it because of the atmosphere or because of the venue (sounds system, lighting), it made me feel goosebumps.

I didnt take so much photo because it's a tapping-live show however you can see all the performances here :

I also met Mr. MC & Host paling hits yang pernah memegang kejayaan Ceriwis Yo Wis~~ (Oh my, how much I missed this show). He also said something really nice about my jacket and also said that he wants me to make him one. Really??
Asia's Got Talent 2015 Grand Final #thinkbigAGT
with Indra Bekti
After watched the show, we were heading to eat and to the Hotel. PS : We slept in Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

2nd DAY
(A lot of photos alert!!!)

It's a ONE DAY Full Scheduled day baby! Ok first stop, we went to Madame Tussauds which is the latest and opened last year in Singapore. This is my second time to visit Madame Tussauds (first one you can read it HERE). 

Madame Tussauds #thinkbigAGT
Marilyn Monroe sist!
Madame Tussauds Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Nyonyah baru pulang dari pengajian~
Madame Tussauds #thinkbigAGT
Satu geng anak futsal komplek Jatayu
Madame Tussauds Singapore #thinkbigAGT
All hail to the Queen Blorong
Madame Tussauds Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Sungkem dulu sama Bapak Lurah
Madame Tussauds Singapore #thinkbigAGT
"Ahh Audrey, kamu bikin aku malu deh. Udah dong jangan liatin aku~"
Madame Tussauds Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Coy gue pinjem dulu ye kacamata lau
Madame Tussauds Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Eh ada Om & Tante~
After visited the Madame Tussauds, we went toTrick Eye Museum which is located in Sentosa Island too.
Trick Eye Museum Singapore
Eye Trick Museum Singapore  #thinkbigAGT
Mr. Hiu : "Hmm, daging jomblo lebiih enak nih!"
Eye Trick Museum Singapore  #thinkbigAGT
But, I'm a mermaid
Eye Trick Museum Singapore  #thinkbigAGT
Suddenly, I'm GGS : Gojek Gojek Serigala (bukan iklan berbayar)
Eye Trick Museum Singapore  #thinkbigAGT
Mr. Snake : "Korban PHP lebiih lezat!"
And finally, after a couple times I went to Singapore, this is my first time to enjoy Universal Studio~ Woohoo~
Universal Studio Singapore #thinkbigAGT
New York Public Library in USS
Universal Studio Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Can't help my self for taking a photo in front of this store
Universal Studio Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Universal Studio Singapore #thinkbigAGT
this store too!!
Universal Studio Singapore #thinkbigAGT
Because the weather was drizzling, so we only took some rides like Transformers and Mummy, and because the time was very limited, our trip in Sentosa Island was over (sad face). Can't wait to go back and try all the rides!!

3rd DAY

This was our last day in Singapore Trip with BIG Cola. Our last destination in Singapore for this trip was Esplanade Garden by the Bay and Cloud Forest. Jadi, Esplanade Garden by the Bay itu taman bunga indoor dimana banyak bunga-bunga~ bunga-bunga~  dan semua bunganya itu asli <3 I couldn't say anything. Like oh my god flowers everywhere~ So beautiful yet so fresh because of the weather I guess. Well, enjoy the view here my dearest readers :

Beautiful Flowers everywherrreee
Garden by the Bay
Finally we went home. Thank you so much BIG Cola for this amazing trip yet experience. It's really nice to know you all and the rest of the people. Jadi nambah kenalan setelah trip ini. Seruu banget! Can't wait to meet y'all again in another time.



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