Saturday, September 6, 2014

MOMO Grand Opening

Hey guys!!

 I'm good and fine + busy with last assignment for college (hopefully it's done this year, amen!)

So, last Thursday I got invited by Kak Bintang to accompany her to MOMO's restaurant Grand Opening. She invited me because she knew that I'm one of the kinda guy who puts effort on Dress Code. Oh yeah, this time was East meet West.

We were kinda late because of the traffic + we didn't know the exact place of it. But we were arrived around 7 pm -ish from 6.30 pm scheduled :p By the time we were arrived, the place had already had a lot of people, so crowded. I saw some celebrities around and media.

We were asked to fill the guest book after that we got a coupon for a cocktail (I guess) and a glowing band. I saw a photo booth in near entrance door, it means PHOTO TIME!! hahaha.. But because there were a lot of people who got in line, so Kak Bintang and I decided to do the photo booth later.

Basically, MOMO has two floors. The first floor is a lounge with bar table and the second one is a what should I call it mmm a room with a room within.. Hahaha the other room is a kinda private room with a see through glass (I guess it's a smoking room). We stayed in second floor because it wasn't very crowdy like we saw in first floor.

We were offered with canape (for those who didn't know /me too tbh/ jadi Canape itu makanan2 kecil yang langsung makan dalam satu/dua suap aja. Waktu itu ada Sushi, Rice with sliced beef, Shrimp Tempura, Satay, and many more yang ga sempet ke foto karena terlalu sibuk makan lol but I guess you can check Ka Bintang's blog later /she took a lot of photos, while I didn't/) Oh ya, they offered us some alcohol & beer but because we don't drink so we only took mineral water.. I tried sparkling water, and  it didn't taste good,ew!

After we ate some canapes, we decided to use our coupon (*drums roll*). It was written 4 choices but we didn't know what exactly those were. But there was interesting drink with a Red Macaroon on the top of it. So I asked the bartender what it was, she said it's What Women Want and then we used the coupons than we wasted it for nothing.

But the funny thing was because we didn't drink alcohol so we just ate the Red Macaroon and threw away the martinis. Adios alcohol :p

After that, I hanged around to take some selfies with guests and tried the photobooth :p the middle of my journey to take some selfies (lol) someone came and told me that I won the best dress for Men!! Yeay :D :D They said I dressed perfectly well for East meets West theme. Woohoo! A woman asked me that where I came from, was it magazine. And I said I'm just regular guest. She taught that I was from a magazine institution or what but I said I am a beginner fashion blogger.

Explain to Indra about my outfit's concept

This event went very well actually, the opening, the music, the staff were very friendly and they knew exactly how the opening party should be. Even the party was full of people, but the food didn't run out before the event ends :p Thanks to UTTARA (the Event Organization) for the great work, MOMO Restaurant for the place+the foods and Zomato for the invitation. Last but not least huge thanks to Ka Bintang Mahacakrie for asking me to go the Grand Opening of MOMO.

- So what do you think? Did I dress East meets West well?


// Hat : COTTON ON //
// Softlens : Voldemort Xtreme Series by X2 //
// Jacket : RAVI AGUSTIANA's //
// Boots : CHRIS+NOVIA //

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