Friday, September 12, 2014

First Week of September

Hey guys!!


I bet most of you (girls mostly, but some boys probably) have ever red Go Girl Magazine. Me too. I know it’s a girl magazine but the way its organized, the template, the things that it talks about, they are really good! I mean we don’t have to judge whether it’s for men or women when it comes to knowledge, right? Ok, enough about the serious talk phew…

So, last week I went to Go Girl Expo 2014 at Senayan City. It started from Thursday to Saturday . It kinda weird since usually that kind of event start from Friday to Sunday. But I heard that the Hall (Senayan City) is usually used for Sunday church.

I went there for three days like (duhh?) but I didn’t do shop much cause most of the stuff were for girls. But I saw one brand which was selling men apparels. Maybe the owner thought that opened a men apparels in here would make the girls who went to Go Girl Expo 2014 would buy stuff for their boyfriend. Since I saw not so many guys around except accompanying his girlfriend.

First day I went to Go Girl Expo with my collage friends after having lunch. Cause our campus is so near to Senayan City. I didn’t see a lot of people there cause it’s still weekday. I only looked for stuff that maybe suitable for me and accompany a friend to buy girl stuff. Ah, the first day of my visit, I met Ka Cecel (author of Generasi 90an book) in her booth. She’s so nice like usual. She sold generasi 90an merchandise such as t-shirt, phone case and also snacks that once very popular in 90’s.
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Second day of Go Girl Expo, I heard that some of blogger friends would go there. Since I had off day of campus, so I went there again. I don’t know but meeting a lot of people or new people makes feel so happy and inspired. It’s addictive for me somehow. I made an appointment with Sonya Thaniya, my little fashion blogger friend that I knew from blogging and we met for a couple events. She is so adorable >.< Check her blog here. But it kinda sad cause we didn’t take a picture together L She said she wants to go home earlier huhuhu.
I also met Valerie and her boy-friend (her friend is a boy or the boy is a friend of her, please ask her for further information xoxox +tell me if you already got the answer thanks lol) named Ardiasa Putra (peace out bro). We walked around to see & buy things. Valerie and I bought a pair of sunglasses. I love the color of it and the shape also (gonna post it soon!). Ah, I forget to tell you that I also made an appointment with Putri Valentina too that day. And we met her at 3-4pm while seeking for a quick photo shoot location. This was the first time I did a photo shoot with blogger friends. So much fun and thrilled. Cause I rarely got photographed by another person :p
The one who photographed us was Ardiasa (call him Asa). That guy is a pro bro! He knew what was a really good position, angle, light exposure, or some photography stuff that I didn’t really know much (but I promise gonna learn it). Check out his amazing shot of me :
(click - RAVI AGUSTIANA - for full details of outfit that I wore)
The girls were kinda struggling with the wind because it’s blowing off their hair. But thank god I was saved by my snapback. Even though the wind didn’t affect the girls swag much. Valerie and Putri were really nailed it. The girls are pro!!! Check out their photos here: VALERIE’S BLOG & PUTRI’S BLOG.
After got photographed one by one, we took pictures together.

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I never thought I would pay a visit the Go Girl Expo for three times. So here was the story. My Saturday were actually would be filled with BA-NA-NA activity full day. Ah, BA-NA-NA is having its 2nd anniversary. Saying happy birthday or wish it good wishes to twitter is still available anyway ^^

We would be playing in Totem the escape room. It was actually a really good place to play, but since the service of it wasn’t really good (bad), Ibu-Ibu kasirnya ngomongnya kurang sopan dan dengan nada tinggi + memandang karena yang main anak2,jadi ya gitu deh (you know what the adults do to the younger people right not all of em sih but mostly). Padahal karyawan yang lain tuh enak banget ramah dan sopan. Apa karena muda-muda ya?
Hahaha sorry about grumbling in Indonesia karena kurang afdol kalau marah2 pake bahasa inggris Hahaha

After playing the games, we gathered for making wishes and potong kue time ^^ The cake shaped Mushroom, Kak Bintang said that the philosophy of the mushroom is hopefully BA-NA-NA would grow spread like a mushroom worldwide (check the amazing cake here ).
Some of us continued our celebration with going to Go Girl Expo. Since we opened BA-NA-NA booth last year and want to know how it feels like to be a customer hahaha.
And suddenly with no plan at all I met Gabriella Olivia *surprised* Because as I knew she couldn’t attend the Go Girl Expo for some reason. But I was really glad to meet her.

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Woah, I’m sorry for this long post. Well, actually banyak part yang di skip karena bakalan panjang ceritanya. Hahaha anyway thank you so much for reading my story. Thanks to Valerie, Putri and also Ardiasa Putra (Maaaaan! I’m so honored!). Last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY BA-NA-NA!!!


  1. jadi selama ini nge post pake bahasa inggris? ini lancar, atau nulis nya pake google translate? HAHAHAHA /jokes. BTW YA, gue kirim banyak banget foto lo, yang di pajang cuma 3! cih.


  2. kak itu ada kancing nempel di kupingnya kak