Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#BARISAN : BA-NA-NA Arisan Chapter III

Halo Everyone!!

I'm back with BA-NA-NA event post. Yes! We just did our #BARISAN for the third times. For those of you who red my previous post about #BARISAN Chapter I might be wondering "Where is the Chapter II Ravi?" Well the answer is....I didn't go to #BARISAN Chapter II because of something. And fyi the Chapter II theme was "Cowboy". The dresscode was so cute!! Too bad I didn't join :((

Back to the topic

This time the theme was decided by Dina who got the Arisan in #BARISAN Chapter II which was :

Woah, it took a different level from the 2 chapters before, I mean how could be the Witch (Chapter I) turns in to Cowboy and then Tadaaaaaa we are the KIDS. Hahahaha but challenge accepted! Even tho I was so busy doing my last task in campus (skripsi) but I always spare my times for hanging out or having fun like this. I mean we need a refreshing moment after all right?

The Stacks Burger
I was so confused at that time, because I didn't bring my childhood stuff to my dormitory.. I left em behind in my house :( But then I realized
"Hey Ravi, Just because you can't HAVE it, doesn't mean you can't MAKE it!"
So I made my own version of the KID. I made a DIY beanies mixed with Happy Meal Toys collection. I wore a long t-shirt with a baggie jeans plus a denim vest. And yeah, I made few accessories from Happy Meal too and my friends love 'em and tried 'em too..

Ahhh, I'm really happy when my creations could be accepted for others :) Ka Bintang wore my Jerry Cheese Ring, Gaby tried almost my accesories, Nanda and Ardinhai also tried my Patrick Ring.

From left (standing) Gerry, Dino, Gaby. Ardina, Nanda. From left (sitting) Me & Kak Bintang

Too bad, Natasha, Ka Bena and Ka Vendryan can't be there because Ka Bena was doing a commercial break shooting. Good luck for that and can't wait to see you on TV! Oh yeah, the one who got the Arisan for this chapter is Kak Bintang! Can't wait to attend and join the next chapter!


// Long Sleeves Tshirt : IRONIC Indonesia //
// Jeans Vest : Unbranded //
// Baggie Jeans Pants : AMCO (+ customized by RAVI AGUSTIANA) //
// Rucksack Bag : EMKEKE&TONEW //
//  Beanies : DIY by RAVI AGUSTIANA //
// Spongebob Necklace : DIY by RAVI AGUSTIANA //
// Powerpuff girls Ring : DIY by RAVI AGUSTIANA //
// Wristband : @JAKWRISTBAND //
// Dinosaurs Socks : Unbranded //
// Shoes : CATERPILLAR (from @serbasepatu) //


  1. boleh minta email untuk partnership? :)

  2. @Tizsa Boleh :) ravi.agustiana@gmail.com